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Indian spiced cold tea with slice of lemon.

Our own choice blend imported from India.

Indian spiced tea with milk and sugar.

Sweet yogurt drink with rosewater and pistachios.


Stuffed whole wheat bread, potatoes, peas, tandoori spiced.

Leavened fried bread.

Naan stuffed with coconut, saffron and sweet spices.

Tandoori oven baked.

Traditional unleavened whole wheat bread.


Mango and onion based curry.

Duck leg in a spicy and tangy, miso and coriander curry.

Cardamom, fennel, cumin, fresh curry leaves in a cashew curry.

Scallops, prawns, coconut milk curry, lime leaf.


Sweet yogurt drink with rosewater, pistachios and mango pulp

Rice, cooked in milk with raisins, cardamom, and nuts and garnished with rosewater

Mango milkshake made with milk and mango ice cream garnished with nuts and rosewater

Homemade Indian style pistachio and cashew ice cream with sweet spices and rosewater.

Golden fried cheese balls soaked in a honey syrup and garnished with nuts and rosewater.


Samosa (1), Onion Bhaji (3), Paneer Pakora (1), Batata Vada (1), Papadam (2), Aloo Tikki

Pea and potato turnover

Indo-Chinese style cauliflower, tomato chili sauce, sesame & onion seed.

Mustard and curry leaf croquette, pineapple, yogurt and mint chutneys.

Yogurt croquette, ginger, green chili and beet sauce.

Chick pea flour, paneer cheese fritter

Pea and potato turnover

A popular north Indian snack of spiced, crisp potato patties.

A favorite Indian snack enjoyed by millions everyday. Tangy, spicy, sweet and surprising.

Luncheon Menu, Chicken Curry, Lamb Curry, Shrimp Curry, Chicken Saag

Braised chicken in a savory curry made of onions, tomatoes, fresh ginger, garlic, cumin, coriander and cloves, Your choice of mild, regular, or hot

Tender young lamb with onions, tomatoes, garlic, and ginger. Your choice of mild, regular, or hot

Fresh shrimp in a robust tomato base sauce with ginger, garlic, coriander and other herbs

Delicately spiced boneless chicken with spinach, cooked in freshly ground Indian spices

Shrimp sauteed with hot India spices in a curry with potatoes

Boneless chicken marinated in yogurt, charbroiled and sauteed in herbs

Boneless chicken cooked with fresh mangos, coriander, ginger and garlicTandoori oven


Chick peas steamed with tomatoes, ginger, garlic, onions and Indian spices

Lentils fried in butter with onions and tomatoes

Potatoes, spinach, tomatoes, light cream, cinnamon and other Indian Spices

A mound of lightly seasoned spinach in a steaming blend of light cream, our own cottage cheese and Indian spices

Our flavored blend of homemade cottage cheese and green peas lightly seasoned with fresh herbs

Fresh Vegetables, homemade cheese, cashews, and raisins, sauteed with ginger, cardamom, cloves and special Indian spices

Balls of freshly minced vegetables simmered in cardamom, saffron, garlic, cashews and light cream sauce


Sm: $4 Lg: $6

Cool whipped homemade yogurt with tomatoes and cucumbers.


Shredded coconut soup made with whole milk, cream, nuts, and sweet Indian spices.

Hearty stew made with fresh vegetables, herbs, and Indian spice.

A traditional soup made with split peas & lentils, flavored with Indian spices, garnished with cilantro.


Tender pieces of white meat chicken marinated in yogurt, herbs and Indian spices slow roasted in our Tandoori oven.

Coriander, cardamom, tomato cream sauce.

Tender boneless pieces of Tandoori chicken sautéed with ginger, onions and garlic in a sauce.

South Indian curry with mustard and coconut milk.

Half chicken, yogurt marinated, roasted in our Tandoori oven.

Lamb marinated in homemade yogurt, skewered and cooked in our Tandoori oven.

Tandoori grilled shrimp, tomato cream sauce.

Kashmiri style lamb, coconut, tomato & onion sauce.


“Mughlai Cuisine” deep fried vegetable dumplings, tomato and saffron cream sauce.

Black lentils sautéed, laced with cream and Indian spice.

House cottage cheese, peas, tomato, garam masala

Cottage cheese, spinach, Indian spiced

Northen Indian specialty, chick pea, tomatoes, ginger, garlic, onions.

“A Royal Dish” Paneer cheese with a tomato-based Punjabi curry

Potatoes, spinach, tomatoes, cinnamon, aromatic sauce.